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5000$ Early adopters - Twitter Community Bounty

We reserve up to $5,000 in DNA tokens of the project — distributed as follows:
80% of DNA bounty tokens pool ($4000) for the main bounty campaign tasks
20% of DNA bounty tokens pool ($1000) for extra short-terms contests and raffles in the frame of this bounty program.

All bounty participants will receive DNA points. In the end, all gained points will be converted into real DNA tokens to be credited into bounty participants’ Metaverse wallet.


Twitter Campaign Rules

80% out of the entire $5,000 bounty pool (in DNA tokens) is reserved for this bounty section

You must have minimum 300 real followers on twitter. Their amount should not decrease under this number during the time period in which you were participating in this campaign.

Join our Telegram chat: and stay there till the very end of our bounty program! This will be the main communication channel.

1 ➢ Follow the official Metaverse Twitter page:: and receive 1 DNA point for that.
Keep following the official project’s Twitter page until the end of the whole bounty program!

2 ➢ Create three custom tweets per week and get up to 6 DNA points for your activity (2 DNA per action). All tweets must include the following hashtags: #Dualchain #mvsdna #blockchain #cryptocurrency #DPoS #dapps.

The more self-made posts are creative, the more points are to be credited to a member. If any hashtag is missed, the participant doesn’t receive a task reward! All custom tweets must be at least 100 c. long

3 ➢ Like and retweet the official Metaverse tweets and get 2 points/retweet.
The more tweets are made, the more points are to be credited to a member.

4 ➢ Write up to 2 comments per week under official Metaverse DNA tweets and get 6 DNA points (2 per comment)
The comment(s) must contain 100 symbols at minimum, be constructive and thoughtful. All “good/nice project/good luck/good team” comments can not be accepted!

You must submit all your weekly tweets.likes and comments links here on this thread every Tuesday on the Bitcoin Talk thread: